Drum Filter

Automatic cleaning plastic drum filters provide an efficient and economic separation of solids from all kinds of fluids. The drum filter uses a backwashing program, insuring the filter remains permanently functional.
Throughflow: 12m²- 350m² , depending on drum filter model and drum fabric.

Self-Cleaning Larvae Tank

The self-cleaning larvae tank can increase your survival rate and animal welfare by improving the rearing conditions of your larvae. The biofilm that forms along the walls of the tank is removed on a regular basis by a rotating cleaner blade. Faecal matter and excessive feed along the bottom of the tank are simultaneously compacted for easy removal. Highly recommended for the rearing of larvae and copepods.

Denitrification Reactor

The denitrification reactor removes nitrate efficiently and safely from your system. Animal welfare is improved, costs of freshwater and waste water are reduced. Nitrate is removed from the system in a sustainable manner. It is possible to reduce the amount of lime normally necessary to adjust your biofilter. Available as reactor with carbon source or as sulphur denitrification unit.

Bio Filter

Nitrifying biofilters, based on the moving-bed biofilter systems, are built based on your specifications. These biofilters are aerated using compressed air. Pumps and blowers are dimensioned based on the customers needs.

Fish holding Tank

Tank made from PE or PP. Optional with conical bottom, bottom outlet, window and standpipe. Several tanks can be connected by channels or pipe systems. Size, shape, material and colour can be chosen based on your needs. Tanks made from PE and PP are completely reusable and recyclable.

Compact Filtration Units

The compact filtration unit for research facilities and small scale aquaculture systems combines everything a complete filtration system needs in one unit. The system is fitted with integrated drum filter, moving-bed biofilter, trickling filter, oxygen supply and control cabinet. The system can be adjusted to the customers needs. Sensors, as well as the control cabinet can be integrated in an existing BUS-system. The unit can be adjusted to an existing system if needed.

Aquaria Wall

Uniform aquarium system with built-in or removable aquaria. Each tank is equipped with lighting, as well as inlet and outlet water/air. Individual aquaria can be equipped with a filtration system. Alternatively, several aquaria walls can be fitted together to a filtration system.

Small RAS

Small-scale research recirculation system with integrated filtration unit for research or quarantine application. The equipment of the filtration system as well as the holding tank can be adjusted to your needs. The system can be operated as a stand-alone or connected with existing systems. The tanks can be adjusted in form, colour, volume and configuration based on the customers needs. The systems are made from PE and thus completely reusable and recyclable, if needed.


Bioreactors can be made in all forms and from different materials such as acryl, PE or PP. Based on the customers needs, different designs and reactor properties can be chosen. The bioreactors provide optimal rearing conditions for organisms such as copepods, artemia and algae. Available as stand-alone unit or in connection with a life support system. Light, heating and aeration can be fitted to the reactor if needed.